Customized Editing Services

Together, we will define your personalized editing plan, taking into consideration your goals, timeline, and budget; your preferred working style (collaborative or independent); and the unique needs of your manuscript. 


  • A solution for improving coherence, the logical sequence of ideas, and readability. You may be having difficulty getting the sections of your manuscript to fit together to convey a clear and compelling argument or story. Or you may have been told—by a reviewer, an advisor, or an agent—that you need to revise, that your manuscript needs more focus. With my suggestions for restructuring and reorganizing and for addressing gaps, ambiguities, and repetition, you'll have a roadmap for revising your manuscript. 
  • You will receive an editorial letter with feedback on areas of strength in your manuscript and those needing development. The letter will include detailed and prioritized recommendations, supported by comments in the manuscript, and suggestions for how to approach revising. If you ask me to be more hands-on, the letter will summarize my edits and identify areas needing your attention.


  • A solution for struggles with the language itself—that is, how your manuscript communicates. Perhaps your sentences and paragraphs feel choppy, ponderous, or convoluted. Or perhaps you want to hone the voice or ensure the style and tone are consistent with your field or genre. My line-by-line edits will burnish the writing to reveal your brilliant argument or story. The result is a manuscript that is a pleasure to read and leaves an impression on your intended audience. 
  • You will receive edits to enhance word choice, phrasing, and sentence structure and to address ambiguity, inconsistency, redundancy, and repetition. Edits will be made using Track Changes in Word; suggestions will be explained in comments. You'll also receive an editorial letter summarizing my edits and approach and explaining how to address larger issues. If requested, the letter will include resources and tips to help you build your writing skills. 


  • A solution for a final draft needing a polish before submission. You need someone who has enough distance from the text to systematically review your manuscript for errors and inconsistencies. That includes fixing grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; enforcing consistency in style and usage (according to your publisher’s or journal’s guidelines); and checking all parts of your manuscript (section titles, front and back matter, figures, tables) against one another. It also includes formatting and cross-referencing your citations and reference list, and checking them against citation databases for errors and omissions. Entrusting this meticulous work to me will allow you to submit your manuscript with confidence. 
  • You will receive a scrupulously edited manuscript (using Track Changes in Word), with citations and reference list formatted, cross-checked, and verified. Any remaining issues for your attention will be flagged in the document. You’ll also receive a style sheet that outlines my editing choices. 



  • A solution for any manuscript that needs to conform to APA style. You've decided to outsource this because knowing the style guide's minutiae is a job for an expert. From rules on verb tense, usage, and punctuation to the correct formatting of citations, tables, and statistics, I will ensure your manuscript’s adherence to all APA guidelines (6th or 7th edition)—even the obscure ones. 
  • You will receive a manuscript edited using Track Changes in Word. You’ll also receive an editorial summary listing the primary edits I've made, with references to the relevant APA section. This will help you attend to some of these details on your own in the future. If your manuscript has tables that require substantial restructuring, you’ll receive the edited tables first, for your approval.   


  • A solution for getting your dissertation over the finish line, whether that's months or weeks away. You are likely concerned about addressing your committee's feedback and ensuring that your first major scholarly project is polished and professional, and meets your university's specifications. You may be worried about missing details because you're so close to the text and exhausted from the exertion of producing a dissertation. I offer a critical eye, rigorous editing, and lots of support and encouragement so you can complete a dissertation that makes you proud. I typically create a customized flat-rate package that incorporates the editing services described above. I’ll make sure the scope of my editing conforms to ethical guidelines for editing student writing and meets your advisor’s approval.  
  • You will receive (as agreed with your advisor) guidance on the aspects of your dissertation that require your attention as well as advice and resources on how to address these. In the final stage, I'll deliver a meticulously copyedited dissertation so you can feel confident when submitting it to your committee and university. 

Contact me to discuss an editing plan for your manuscript—and for information about rates and packages.