Marian, scholar, international criminal law

"Akiko is deeply committed to meeting the needs of her clients, and with her editorial services, I was able to revise my academic book manuscript to suit my publisher’s requirements. She helped me to improve the language and clarity of style, to reduce ambiguity, and to fix grammatical and typographical errors. I appreciated her commitment to timelines and her professionalism when discussing the possible scope of services she could offer. This gave me a sense of assurance that she would provide high-quality services. I will definitely recommend her services to my research colleagues."

Melanie Sindelar, PhD, art and anthropology

"Before I started working with Akiko on my dissertation, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to do; but with her on my side, the stages of drafting, writing, and revising were made substantially easier. She had a clear idea of what I was trying to say, and her feedback helped me to present my arguments in the clearest and most convincing way possible. Working with Akiko, I also learned a good deal about language and learned to spot mistakes, both structural and stylistic, by myself. Thanks to her, my writing became more structured and focused, and one dissertation reviewer even said that the text was flawless!" @MelanieSindelar

Colleen, professor, management

"I hired Akiko to help me improve the organization and language of my dissertation. Her suggestions made such a difference. After I worked with her, my reader commented on how the writing was tightened up and how it flowed much better! I can't thank her enough."

Alison Manuel-Morgan, MA student, psychology

"I had no idea what a wonderful difference in readability a good editor can make before I found Akiko. I've also learned a lot that I can take away for my own growth as a writer. Akiko is easy-going in nature but razor sharp in her editing skills. I highly recommend working with her."

Kayla Park, MA student, design

"I worked on my graduate school applications with Akiko over numerous sessions, and she exceeded my expectations. Different from other editors I have worked with, she works diligently on the structure and logic of a piece. Thanks to her meticulous feedback and comments, my essays became much stronger, and I received an offer from my dream school. It was a long shot because it is a competitive program and my background was not a perfect fit. I believe the essay made the difference. I can't recommend her enough."

Paul Smith, founder and CEO, Future Directors Institute

"Right Seat, Right Table was my first book, and I admit that before engaging Akiko as my editor, I thought my manuscript was pretty decent. Akiko helped me to see how the book would be clearer and stronger with some big structural changes. But instead of making it hard to rewrite, Akiko made the process easy. She has a gift for keeping it simple, and I believe it comes from how much time she put into really knowing me, my goals, my process, and the purpose of the book. She guided me so expertly that without her I would not have the book of which I am immensely proud."

Amy Mattson, creator, Raising the Extraordinary blog

"When I began searching for an editor to assist me in telling my story, I was very nervous. I needed to find someone who I knew would help me to tell my story while maintaining my voice and aligning the project with my goals. I considered several editors, but Akiko stood out as both professional and talented. I know my book, Beyond the Diagnosis, would not be what it is today without her assistance."